BEST STUDENTS OF WEEK & BEST CLASS OF THE WEEK and other circulars/notices.(provided below)

Juniors Senior
Week Name Class Name Class
2nd Week-July Miss Diksha Singh v Mst. Nitin Sukumaran ix
3rd Week-July Mst.Thozo Pulu iv Miss Ashito Meto xii
4th Week-July Miss Purnima Mepola ii Mst. Rotjing Megu ix
1st Week-Aug Miss Mercy Miso v Mst. Jummu Tayu xii
2nd Week-Aug Miss Vidya Nair iii Miss Kesha Linggi xi
3rd Week-Aug Anmol Tiwari i Mst. Somesh Tamang viii
4th Week-Aug Miss Sonali Das iv Mst. Hibu Kafa vii
1st Week-Sept Miss Angel Umbrey iii Ms Aisu Minam Yirang xii
Month Week Class
JULY 2nd Week ix
3rd Week x
4th Week ix
AUGUST 1st Week viii
2nd Week x
3rd Week vii
4th Week ix
SEPTEMBER 1st Week x

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